191014 Andri Spilker

How stars are born in our Galaxy

Andri Spilker is a PhD student at the division of Astronomy and Plasma Physics within the Department of Space, Earth and Environment at Chalmers. She is working on molecular cloud structure and star formation in the Milky Way, with a goal of understanding how the conditions within interstellar molecular and atomic gas clouds allows for and leads to collapse and formation of stars. The supervisor for this project is Dr. Jouni Kainulainen, and the work is part of Chalmers Initiative on Cosmic Origins.

Lecturer: Andri Spilker at department of space-, geo- and environment science, astronomy-, and plasma physics

Date & time: 14:th Oct, at 17:15
Location: Vasa A
Note: The lecture will be held in English

Film: Black Mirror episode 4:1 ”USS Callister” and BBC’s Sky at Night episode ”Guide: Stars”.