FAQ in English

How long is the Membership period?

It is one school/academic year, i.e. if you join after July 1:st, then it will end at June 30:th the following year.

How do I find the location of the event?

Address: Vera Sandbergs Allé 6
Mostly we use auditorium Vasa A (Ägget). Alternatively we use room Vasa C.
Closest bus stop east of the location is: Ålandsgatan – Bus 19 and 55 (bus 55 Monday-Friday only, approx. between 06:15 and 18:15).
Closest bus and tram stop west of the location: Kapellplatsen – Tram 7 and 10, Bus 16 (temporarily revoked right now), bus 19 and 753.
3-4 min walk from either stop.

Map (click to enlarge). 

If I would forget my member card, may I still attend?

Yes, we can check membership via a list. Of course it is always neat to bring your member card, so you may enter without delay.

How do I become a Board Member?

1)  Talk to one of the Board Members of CAC at any of our activities or member meetings, latest at the Annual meeting.
2)  Send us an email and inform us that you want to be a Board Member. Mailaddress: info@rymden.net

How do I unsubscribe to the member mails?

Send an email to info@rymden.net telling us you wish to unsubscribe.

How do I get to know when CAC activities take place?

If you are a CAC Member, you will receive an email before each activity. Of course you can also look at the CAC homepage: www.rymden.net – Click on ”Kommande/Coming Activities”

How many activities do you organize each academic year?

This varies. Usually about 10 lectures, 1 party/dinner and 1-2 study visits.