Marek Abramowicz

 Marek Abramowicz

May gravitational wave observations test quantum gravity?

Marek Abramowicz, professor in astrophysics at Gothenburg University, will speak about gravititional waves.

We will also have our annual meeting after the lecture. After that we will show a movie and eat Space Sandwiches and snacks. Free sandwiches for everyone who signs up for a new membership for study year 2018/2019.

Date and time: 25:th April, 17:15

Place: SB-H3

Movie: The Theory of Everything (A story based on the life of the famous and unfortunately newly deceased, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking.)

From Chalmers head entrance, follow the road straight ahead to get to the ”Samhällsbyggnad” entrance, where the room SB-H3 is. Inside the entrance, a board member, holding a poster, will show the way. (See these pictures):